App FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Daily Food Deals (DFD) program work?
We work, directly and indirectly, with restaurant chains throughout the country. Our app is intended to be a collator of their offers. Please refer to the "About Our Deals" section in the website for more details.

How many dining places do you have participating in this app?
Over 100 fast food and casual dining National and Regional chains are in the app. We add new coupons daily.

How long does the subscription last?
12 months from time of purchase.

How do I renew my subscription?
Purchase a renewal subscription for $100.

Can I purchase multiple subscriptions for gifts to family or friends?
Yes. Just select the number of subscriptions in the shopping cart. You will be asked for the email address of each person receiving an activation code for the app. Additional subscriptions purchased at the same time as your original purchase will be only $75 each.

Can we make money by selling subscriptions to Daily Food Deals?
Yes! Our app is sold around the country by registered affiliates. We offer a lucrative compensation plan. Whether you want to earn $1000 per month, or $1000 per week, this is the opportunity for you. Simply tell others about the significant savings you are enjoying by having this app. Give them your unique URL and ask them to check it out.

How often do I get paid for selling the subscription to others?
We pay weekly. Our week ends at midnight on Sundays. Payouts occur the following Monday for the previous week. Payouts require a minimum of $25 or the balance shall rollover into the next payout.

Can we market this online?
Yes, and we suggest that you do. Simply share your unique URL on the various social media websites.

If I buy more than one subscription, do I get a discount?
Yes, only if you buy all of them at the same time. The first one is $100, and the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th is $75. Rule of thumb is singles are always $100.

Can we sell outside the U.S.?
Not at this time.

What are the qualifications to participate in the pay plan?
Must be at least 18 years of age.

What happens if a coupon doesn’t work?
You’ll notice a common statement on every coupon, printed or otherwise: “Valid at participating units.” Some restaurants are individually owned as an independent franchise and occasionally will not honor coupons that corporate restaurants will honor. A restaurant not accepting an offer is rare, but if it does happen, simply choose from one of the other 100 National and Regional chains available.

Do we pay taxes on our earnings?
We would suggest that you do, but we won’t send you a W-1099 until you have earned at least $600 with us.

How do I reach the company if I have any questions or concerns?
Go to Contact Us on the website, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

How often can I use the coupons?
Each one of our participating national and regional chains will honor a coupon every 24 hours.

What restrictions do we have on advertising?
The company must approve all advertising. Contact our affiliate relations department for easy approval.

How can we pay for our subscription?
All major credit cards are accepted.

How do we get our commissions and bonuses?
Through direct deposit to your bank account or a prepaid card.

Is there an age requirement to participate in the program?

When buying multiple subscriptions, does each position in the pay plan that comes along with every subscription purchased, need to be qualified to receive commissions and bonuses?
Yes. Each position must have a personal sale to be qualified to earn commissions and bonuses.

Can this be used as a fundraiser for my school, church or organization?

How do I know if certain restaurants are having one- or two-day specials?
There is a “Hot Deals” tab showing restaurants with today or this week only specials.

Is there any formal training for working this business opportunity?
No. If you know others who enjoy dining out and who enjoy saving money, share the videos with them! Anyone who has an appetite is a prospect! And always get your new teammates to read this Q & A.