Compensation Plan

Compensation Plan

Last updated November 28, 2018


You can get started with Daily Food Deals by purchasing an Annual Subscription for $100.

Most marketing pay-plans earn a few people a lot of money but most people little to none. We operate on a 4x10 Forced Matrix because it's the fairest of all pay plans! A level playing field gives the average person the opportunity to earn consistently and substantially. We pay commissions and bonuses WEEKLY, with a minimum $25 payout per period.

For every annual subscription sale at full price, you will receive a $25 fast start bonus. So, if you sold to 4 people who purchased an annual subscription at full price, you’d get your $100 back. That is a $25 Fast Start Bonus every time you find someone who purchases the annual subscription for $100. And, as they share this unique eating out experience with their friends and family, you can also earn from their purchases too!

Commissions and Bonuses:

  • A $25 Fast Start Bonus for every one you sell a full-priced annual subscription.


AND, by just making ONE subscription sale, you will also earn:


  • $5 for every subscription sold that falls on your levels 1 thru 10.


You must sell at least one annual subscription to qualify for any commissions and bonuses. All level commissions for subscriptions sold under your level are forfeited until an Affiliate has qualified.

Business Center:

This is the Affiliates’ Account in the Affiliates Network/Genealogy that is used to track bonuses and commissions.


This is a series of relationships of Business Centers that determine the flow of bonuses and commissions. A maximum of four Business Centers can be placed directly to any given Affiliate below you on your Matrix Team. Thereafter, each one of them can have four other Business Centers attached. Your Matrix Network can go to an unlimited number of Independent Affiliates in depth. Your position in the Matrix is referred throughout the plan as a Business Center.

Pay Period:

Commissions and bonuses are calculated and paid weekly with a one-week delay. Commissions are paid 10 days after the end of each pay period which is Monday morning through Sunday night Central Time. A minimum of $25 in the Affiliates e-wallet is required for commissions and bonuses to be paid out. If the amount is less than $25 in the Affiliates e-wallet, The amount shall rollover to the next pay period.


A minimum of $25 in the Affiliates e-wallet is required for commissions and bonuses to be paid. If the amount is less than $25 in the Affiliates e-wallet, the amount shall rollover to the next pay period.

Payout Options:

Affiliates have the option of selecting one of the following payout methods:

  • ACH directly to your bank (there is a fixed $.50 fee for each payout)
  • Prepaid Debit Card (there is a fixed $.50 fee for each payout)

For those that elect ACH, the Affiliate must complete an ACH bank authorization form. There are a number of downloadable documents within the back office in the section titled “Tools”, “Download Documents”.

The ACH form can be completed and emailed back to DFD. Electronic signatures are acceptable.

Contact Us:

For more information about our Compensation Plan or to receive further information regarding our program, please contact us at:


631 Brawley School Rd

1337 W 43rd St

Suite 507

Houston, TX 77018

United States

Phone: (800)375-7610