About Our App

Introducing the Daily Food Deals App, a subscription that works like a digital coupon book for smartphones. From first dates to retirement years, we all love meals away from home. Whether we are looking for ambiance, great service or amazing dishes created with flavors from around the world, dining out is a past- time that continues to call us back time and time again.

The Daily Food Deals app development team searches the Internet daily for the latest and greatest bargains from more than 100 fast food and casual dining restaurant chains. Our Daily Food Deals app is updated every day with hundreds of dollars in savings in discounted or free meals right in the palm of your hand. Whether it's 2 for 1 deals for lunch or free desserts after dinner, you'll always be glad you have the Daily Food Deals app on your phone. We also have a notification feature built in our app that let’s you view newly added deals. That way you won’t miss out on deals that last one or two days. And, all of this with NO pop-up ads!

Take a look at some of the restaurant chains that you'll find in the Daily Food Deals app. With over 100, we know you'll find many of your favorites!

It all starts with you purchasing your own annual subscription for $100 and downloading the app. You will instantly have access to hundreds of dollars in savings from well-known restaurants from all around the country.

About Our Deals

We work, directly and indirectly, with restaurant chains throughout the country. Our app is intended to be a collator of their offers. We are always attempting to find the very best deals we can obtain for our members.

Free and discounted offers can change on a daily basis. Depending on the restaurant chain, some offers may be good for the remainder of the year; others change their offers frequently. Some of the best deals are good for a single day only. With such a wide range of expiration dates, Daily Food Deals has created a unique way of managing those offers. Along with the normal list of participating restaurant offers, our App has a “Hot Deals” tab that only displays offers that are good for a single day. This makes it easier to find these “one day only” specials.

If you see your favorite restaurant in our App today but it’s gone tomorrow, don’t worry, it simply means that the offer has expired and that particular chain doesn’t have any new offers we feel are worthy of our members.

It’s your choice to have 100 restaurant apps on your phone or one app with access to 100 restaurants. Some large chains have their own app. The offers within their apps are usually exclusive to that chain and are not available thru other apps. We are not trying to compete with the “branded” apps or the number of exclusive “chain specific” offers they may have.

Always remember to ask about the offer before purchasing. Many fast food and casual dining restaurants are owned by individual franchisees. These franchisee owners are not obligated to accept all coupons or offers that a franchisor may put into the public. However, you will find that the large majority will accept whatever offer you find on the Daily Food Deals® app.

Always remember, this is not just an app, this is also a business opportunity. And after 4 sales, you will have received your money back along with your level commissions. Filling your stomach is secondary to filling your wallet.

About Us

We at Daily Food Deals have a goal to give you not only discounted food prices but sometimes free food! Over 100 (National and Regional) casual dining and fast food restaurant chains offer special deals (discounted or free additional food/drinks) for anyone that has our special App on their phone. Click on the Restaurants Button to view our participating restaurant chains and the specials they offer. You will be highly impressed. The extent of this amazing offer will NOT be found anywhere else.

We also want to provide each person a fair and real opportunity to be compensated for sharing our App. There are No monthly requirements or stocking inventory. No hidden fees, quotas, or territory restrictions. No bosses and No alarm clock!

Enjoy a fun dining experience EVERY DAY on us! And possibly add more money in your bank account as well.


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